Spline Extrusion Process

spline form extrusion process

Spline & Form Extrusion

Extrusion is a forming process in which a blank is forced through a die to change its cross-sectional area and geometry. Extrusion is typically used to process a raw billet into long continuous lengths of a round or profiled shape. Kinefac has uniquely adapted the extrusion process to produce finished cold-formed internal and external geometries such as splines, serrations, involute gears, d-flats, and diameter reductions on pre-cut solid or hollow blanks.

The Kinefac extrusion process uses push-pull technology and indirect extrusion to generate partial length and full-length forms at high rates of speed. External dies and internal mandrels (on hollow parts) are synchronously forced into and out of the blanks during the forming process to flow the metal. The accuracy of the extruded profile is governed by the accuracy of the form tooling.

Multiple extrusions can be performed on a single part using a multi-station machine, a series of machines, or a machine equipped with a tool indexer unit.

Benefits of Spline & Form Extrusion

  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Net shape without a secondary process
  • No material waste
  • Comparatively high tool life
  • Minimal operator setup
  • Fast cycle times

Typical Materials

Typical materials that can be formed by the extrusion process include solid and tubular shafts made of low to medium carbon steels, low alloy steels, aluminum alloys, and copper alloys. Ideal pre-extrude hardness for steel blanks is in the range of 80-100 Brinell however, harder or softer blanks can be extruded. Drawn over mandrel (DOM) tubing is recommended when extruding tubular components. Phosphate coated blanks provide an added benefit for increased tool life although coatings are not always required.

Improve Shaft Quality While Reducing Product Cost

Automotive Steering Shafts
Axle bars and Half Shafts
CV Joints
Power Take-Off Shafts
Washing Machine Shafts
Shock Absorber Tubes
Off-Road Vehicle Shafts

Fastener Blanks
Tap Blanks
Printer Components
Electric Motor Shafts
Tubing Joints
Grip Handles

KINEXTRUDE Extrusion Machines

extrusion machines

Designed for:

  • Producing shafts with high precision complex axial forms
  • Hollow internal, hollow external and solid external forms
  • Minimum setup and quick changeover from part to part