Center Drive Turning Process

Center Drive Turning

Center drive double end turning is a process in which a part is chucked or colleted on or near the center of its body while turning operations are performed on each end of the part simultaneously. This unique process allows for turning operations such as facing, chamfering, drilling, tapping, and boring to be carried out with precise co-axial and diameter tolerances at high production rates with minimal handling. It is well suited for precision turning on straight or hollow cylindrical stock which is sheared, machined, forged, extruded, or headed. The process can also chuck or collet two parts end to end while single end turning is performed on the end of each part simultaneously.

Benefits of Center Drive Turning

  • Improved part quality and production efficiency
  • Enhanced end to end concentricity and axial position precision
  • Increased turning capacity without steady rest
  • Minimized in process inventory and handling costs
  • Reduced space and capital requirements

Double End Turning

Double-End Turning

Simultaneously turn both ends of a single part

Single-End Turning

Turn a single end of two individual parts simultaneously
Improved process timing by utilizing pass through part path

Improve Shaft Quality While Reducing Product Cost

Small Parts

Seat Adjustment Screws
Alternator Shafts
Starter Shafts
Wiper Shafts
Steering Shafts
Circulator Fan Shafts
Double End Stud Blanks
Torsion Bars
Shock Absorber Shafts
Printer Shafts
Actuator Shafts
Extrusion Blanks
Wrench Shafts
Piston Rods

Large Parts

Track Bushings
Bearing Outer Races
Shock Absorber Tubes
Artillery Shell Casings
Steering Column Comp.
Tube Couplings
Off-Road Vehicle
Heavy Construction
Automotive Components
Axle Shafts
Axle Tubes

KINETURN Center Drive Turning Machines

Designed for:

  • High speed and high-quality component turning
  • Sawed, sheared, extruded, forged, or headed blanks
  • On-demand automated system operation available