The Preferred Cylindrical Die Source Since 1962

KineForm has been supplying high quality new and regrind cylindrical dies around the globe since 1962. KineForm dies are proudly made in the USA utilizing state of the art CNC grinding and inspection techniques for all makes of cylindrical die rolling equipment. KineForm dies are engineered for specific customer applications ranging from standard thread profiles to high precision ball screw, lead screw, and spline applications.

KineForm Advantages

  • Expedited Delivery Options
  • Emergency Regrind / Repair Service
  • Quantity Discounts and Blanket Ordering / Stocking Programs
  • Standard and Custom Infeed, Throughfeed, and Single-Revolution Form Designs
  • High Performance Materials & Surface Treatment Options
  • Technical Support Services
  • Production Rolling & Testing Services

Size Range Capabilities

  • Diameters 406mm (16”) Max
  • Widths 356mm (14”) Max
  • Bores 152mm (6”) Max
  • Helix Angles 0° to 90°

Form Grinding Capabilities

  • Standard & custom infeed, throughfeed, single-revolution forms
  • Threads, Worms, Knurls, Splines, Gears, Serrations, Grooves
  • UNR, UNJ, NPT, ANSI, Metric, Trapezoidal, ACME, STUB-ACME, Ball Screw
  • Standard & custom RRO & chamfered edge profiles


  • D2, M1, M2, M4, M42 die steels & others available upon request
  • Hardness / toughness heat treat optimization
  • KST-FN, KST-PN, KST-SP diffusion and mechanical surface treatments

KineForm offers a range of die materials and internally developed surface treatments to help extend tool life.

Consult KineForm engineering for application recommendations.


Kinefac die and process development engineers engage directly with customers to understand technical needs, provide advanced solutions, and train users on best-practice rolling techniques and machine operation. Kinefac offers complete rolling development programs from process and die design up through prototyping, testing, and production rolling in our in-house testing laboratory. Advanced analytical tools such as 3D solid modeling and 3D process simulation software are used to determine design parameters and analyze stresses to assure an optimized design for the rolling application.

  • On-Site, Remote, or Kinefac Rolling Laboratory
  • 3D Process Simulation with Load & Material Flow Analysis
  • Development & Testing Programs
  • Failure Analysis & Design Optimization
  • CMM, Optical, NDT Inspectional Capabilities

For technical support needs and new die development program inquiries please contact sales or call 508-754-6891.


​For new and regrind orders and inquiries about expedited deliveries, blanket orders, and stocking programs please contact our die sales coordinator or call 508-754-6891 ext. 636.

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