Designed for

  • Cold form extruding high precision and complex axial forms on shafts of discrete length
  • Hollow and solid shaft processing
  • Double end and single end extrusion with phasing
  • Producing splines, d-flats, rounds, pre-roll blank diameters, ball tracks, hexes, squares, and asymmetric custom geometry


The KINEXTRUDE machine line offers high-speed cold form metal extrusion which use axial push-pull tooling motions to produce precise axial forms by cross sectional area reduction or expansion to achieve the desired net shape in a single processing on one end or two ends. KINEXTRUDE machines are designed for the extrusion of internal and external splines, serrations, d-flats, diameter reductions and expansions, on solid and hollow tubular shafts for automotive steering and drive shaft type components.


  • Precise and repeatable axial form profiling accuracy including spline spacing error and taper
  • Single handling net shape forming
  • Material savings – chipless forming
  • Simultaneous double-end forming capability
  • Minimal setup and quick changeover
  • Form phasing adjustment
  • On-demand automated system operation


  • High stiffness symmetrical loading machine structure
  • HMI touchbutton die stroke, speed, and force settings
  • Automatically synchronized push-pull tooling motions
  • Servo electric and servo hydraulic tool positioning
  • Quick change die and mandrel assemblies
  • Quick adjustment rotational tool phasing angle
  • Recallable part programs for minimized changeovers
  • Optional multi-die indexing capability
  • Optional remote monitoring & diagnostics modem
  • Optional high pressure oil lubrication unit
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  • Magazine and bulk storage hopper feed units
  • Pick and place part handling
  • Robotic part handling
  • Pre and post extrude part length gage measurement
  • On-demand part processing capability
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Hydraulic Cylinder Bore (mm)150200
Number of Forming Cylinders1 or 21 or 2
Number of Coaxial Mandrel Cylinders0, 1 or 20, 1 or 2
Forming Force (T)3351
Cylinder StrokeAs RequiredAs Required
Part Cross Section (mm² )7001100
Maximum Part Diameter (mm)Application DependentApplication Dependent
Maximum Part Length (mm)Application DependentApplication Dependent
*All extrusion machine models are available as ED (double-end) or ES (single-end) versions.