KINEXTRUDE Extrusion Machines
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There are several main benefits of the extrusion process over others. One is that there is no
material waste since the material is displaced rather than removed. The second is that extrusion
process allows for very tight tolerances to be held repeatability. Third is that it can achieve net
shape of parts after process (final forms do not need a second process).

The splines and other forms above can be produced in conjunction with diameter reduction and / or minor expansion. Typical shaft lengths range from 75mm (3 in.) to 400mm (16 in). The diameter
range is from 12mm (.5 in.) to 37mm (1.5 in.) depending on the area reduction required, the length
of the
extruded areas, and the material to be extruded.

The best process for producing shafts with high precision complex axial forms
The above information to be used as a guideline only. Final machine specifications and
capabilities will be determined by KINEFAC® Corporation based on specific applications.

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