Measure, Auto-Compensate and Auto-Reject


KineVision empowers users with the hands-off ability to collect and monitor inspection data and to maintain process control with real time data-driven machine adjustments. This innovative system goes beyond traditional static measurement systems by enabling users to program customized tolerance limits to ensure the accuracy of their specific needs.

With Every Coil CorrectTM technology, users can select simultaneous measurement of the Outside Diameter (OD) and Pitch Spacing of each coil produced by the machine. Closed loop measurement feedback drives incremental tooling axis adjustments based on the selected tolerance range to effectively compensate for variations in wire diameter, tooling wear and thermal drift.

KineVision is cutting-edge technology that redefines process control with adjustable limits and adaptive adjustments, giving users increased confidence in their coil manufacturing processes. KineVision is an added feature available on both MicroCoiler and KineCoiler CNC coiling systems.

kinevision deflection coiling inspection system

Every Coil CorrectTM Technology

User Benefits

Increased process monitoring and control

Automatic in-line inspection & qualification

Separation of noncompliant coils

Reduced set-up and inspection time

Statistical measurement dashboard

Easy data export to .CSV format

Competitive features

Real-time monitoring of coil OD & Pitch Spacing

Auto-compensated OD & Pitch

Auto-rejected noncompliant coils

24 milliseconds measurement capture frequency

0.000001” measurement gauge repeatability

0.000008” measurement gauge accuracy

coiling quality control sysem

Advancing Quality Control with Automated Precision

Auto-rejection, a standout feature of the KineVision system, provides users with reliable quality control. This unique capability is engineered to identify and separate noncompliant micro coils as they are produced, mitigating the need for time-consuming secondary inspections.

With KineVision, you can experience a seamless and efficient inspection process that minimizes downtime, maximizes yield, and ultimately sets new benchmarks in quality and precision.

24 Millisecond Measurement Capture Frequency