CNC 5 Axis MicroCoiler

A High Precision, High Speed, Coiling System for Medical, Electronic and Miniature Coiling Applications.


The CNC 5 Axis MicroCoiler produces coils for medical, electronic and miniature device applications. Coils can vary from simple close-wound coils to coils that have combinations of characteristics such as variable pitch, diameter and stiffness. The machine can produce coils complete, to a precise length with no additional processing requirements such as trimming.

Using our unique manufacturing capability, the MicroCoiler is capable of coiling round, flat and shaped wires. Special KineCoil coiling point tooling overcomes the challenges of coiling stainless steel wire encountered with standard carbide coiling points.


Deep Dive: Learn About The Deflection Coiling Process


  • Performance certified tooling
  • User friendly coil program generator
  • Programmable feed, pitch, diameter and cut
  • Micrometer adjustable feed pressure
  • Micrometer adjustable cutter alignment
  • Integrated dereeler
  • Universal feed roll for .0015-.006 in. wire
  • Optional feed roll for <.002 in. wire
  • Electronic length gauging option
  • Integrated video microscope with LED light
  • Remote diagnostics support
  • Compact machine base with optional casters
  • Optional coil capture tray units


  • 0.025 – 0.150mm (.001 – .006 in.) wire range
  • Single-point deflection coiling mode
  • ± 0.005mm (.0002 in.) coil diameter tolerance typical
  • Minimum Index 3 typical
  • Wire feed length unlimited
  •   ± 0.005mm (.0002 in.) wire feed tolerance
  • 5 Axis CNC tool motions
  • 0.152 – 3.17mm (.006 – .125 in.) coil OD range (limited by arbor size)

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Precision, Accuracy and Automatic Processing Under Your Control

KineVision offers reliable measurement and automatic compensation capability for coils requiring tight OD and pitch control.

With its unique Every Coil Correct™ technology and auto-rejection of noncompliant coils, KineVision minimizes the need for secondary inspection.