Double End
KINETURN™ Center Drive Lathe Machines
center drive lathe machines kine-turn

The KINETURN™ is a high speed double-end turning machine in which a part is rotated by
grippingin the center of the body to allow simultaneous turning on both ends of the part. The KINETURN™ machine turns, forms, chamfers and faces both ends of cylindrical blanks or semi
finished parts to close axial and diameteral tolerances at high production rates.

Unsurpassed shaft turning capability

  • High speed, high quality shaft turning
  • Sawed, sheared, extruded, forged or heated blanks
  • Manual, cell or automated system operation
  • Optimum end to end concentricity
  • In cycle axial shift to maximize turning length
    without steady rest
  • Very long single grip turning capacity

  • Complete turned parts in one handling
  • Increases productivity
  • Insures end bore concentricity
  • Improves the precision of axial position
  • Reduces handling costs
  • Minimizes in-process inventory
  • Saves capital costs
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