Corporate History


KINEFAC® was founded in 1962 to develop cylindrical die thread rolling machines. In the years since, it has
become a world class developer and manufacturer of specialized metal forming, metalworking and
processing equipment. Today the KINEFAC Division products are sold worldwide.
Initially, its patented
KINEROLLER™ thread rolling machines and KINEFORM™ dies were used to produce fasteners for the U.S.
market. As the automotive industry moved toward cold formed and near net shaped shafts for steering,
starters, alternators, wipers, power windows and seat adjusters it applied its rolling capabilities to this
market. To provide blanks for these shafts it developed its patented KINETURN™ center drive lathes. As
use of hollow shafts grew they introduced the advanced KINEXTRUDE™ CNC metal extrusion machines.

As its cold forming laboratory capabilities grew, it formed the KINEPRO Division to
perform unusual or difficult rolling, coiling and extrusion operations for customers
who desired an outside source for such parts. Having built up internal capability to
engineer hydraulic power units and pneumatic part handling systems, it established the KINEPOWER™ Division to exploit it in New England. Subsequently, the Sleeper and Hartley spring making machine business was acquired and hassince evolved into the KINECOIL™ Division. Today they produce leading edge MICROCOILER™ machine for the production of very small medical coils and other specialized spring making equipment. Most recently, Kinefac acquired the Barrett Centrifugals product line (now our KINESPIN™ division) and is now applying this technology to a variety of new applications of centrifugal fluid reclamation, chip cleaning and parts washing and drying.

Throughout its over 50 year history, the success of KINEFAC® has been built on a cohesive team of engineers, designers, assemblers and its supporting staff
committed to establishing worldwide leadership in its various niche markets

mc-5 kine-roller
Technological History 



Approx. Date

 KINEROLLER™  Thread Rolling Machines  1962
 KINEFORM™  Thread Rolling Dies  1968
 KINEMAT™  KINEMAT™ Automatic Feed Unit  1970
 Parts Making System  Multi-machine system for production of automotive parts  1974
 KINETURN™  Center Drive Lathes  1980
 KINEPRO™  Special Rolled Parts Production  1983
 KINEPOWER™  Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment  1984
 KINECOIL™  Mechanical Spring Machines (aquired from Sleeper & Hartly)  1991
 KINEROLLER™  Spline Rolling Machines  1993
 KINEFLOW™  Radial Forming Machines  1993
 KINEXTRUDE™  Shaft & Tube Extrusion Machines  1996
 MICROCOILER™  CNC micro coiling Machines  2001
 KINESPIN™  Centrifugal Fluid Recovery & Cleaning Machines  2004
 KINEROLLER™  Convergent Axis Rolling Machines  2005
 KINEFAC® / China  Chinese Marketing and Service Operations  2005
 POWERBOX  Expansion of the POWERBOX Family  2008

MC-300 CNC

 Added The MC-300 CNC PowerBox KINEROLLER™ Machine  2008
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