Corporate Mission

  1.  To be a world leader in the development and application of shaft making processes including:      

  • Cylindrical Die Rolling

  • Double End Turning

  • Extrusion

  • Radial Forming 

  2.  To establish and maintain a growing and profitable business based on the production of dies,
        tooling and equipment used to apply these processes.

  To use that base to achieve similar leadership in process development and application of related,
      but currently underexploited or underdeveloped metal forming processes such as spring making,
      micro-coiling, hydro-forming, shearing and bending which are based on the same fundamental
      plastic deformation principles.

  To develop such other tooling, work handling, and inspection equipment as are necessary to
       apply these shaft making processes to the users’ production requirements in single units, in
       cells, or in systems.

  To operate at all corporate levels with the goal of attaining the highest quality performance in
       sales, engineering, manufacturing and service, and to deal with associates, vendors,
       representatives and customers with honesty, integrity and without discrimination.

  To support our equipment users with a reliable, high quality source of expendable tooling for their
® equipment.

 To provide our users with such prompt, effective training and service as are necessary to ensure
        that Kinefac processes and equipment are correctly, effectively and profitability applied.

  Through the above activities, to develop engineering relationships with our users so that they will
        keep us informed of their needs and their problems and will look to KINEFAC as the best source of
        application engineering assistance during the design and process engineering of their products.

  To develop related niche businesses by applying the skills and technology which might evolve  
       from our primary business activity and would supplement the strength and stability of our basic

To operate our company for the benefit of our customers, employees, owners and community
      using policies, procedures, and axioms developed by KINEFAC, meeting national and international

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